24 February 2014


Assalamualaikum :)

This blog will REFORM!! ;) ;)

Not only foods-theme, but the stories would be of various topics ;) insya ALLAH :)

p/s: Guess what. We have a new 'hobby'~ ~ ~ Gardening!!!! :)
As much as we appreciate to read blogs with this gardening thingy, I also wish to share about it :)

Here, as a start..... ;) ;)

12 December 2013

21 November 2013


Gambar dah lama, baru nak share kt blog hihi..
Ikan Kukus; for our Ifthar :)

Ikan Kukus ZLH

Terlebih berkuah kan. huhu..
Nasib baik tak hanyir sbb letak banyak2 halia n serai.
Plus, siap buat Tomyam Sayur. So padan lah, ada rasa2 masam2 dari tomyam tuh.




Currently students are happily enjoying their semester break whilst lecturers are ‘enjoying’ the ‘leisure time’ until the semester commence in early of December.

While checking my emails (macam takde keje sgt lah kan hihi), I found out an email from Abg, which I requested him to send pictures of Nasi Ayam and Ikan Siakap Kukus which I prepared errrr likeee yearsss before?! *exaggerate*

Oh yah now I remember.
Nasi Ayam ini dibuat masa 4 Ramadhan. My sisters and bro in law were coming over for ifthar. Excited ok menjamu makan orang2 berpuasa hihihi ;)

Nasi Ayam; ifthar for the 5 of us!~Abg, Ya, Edfi, Adik n me =)
Im pretty sure many out there are Nasi Ayam expertise. However, Im going to share a little bit on how this ZLH Nasi Ayam is prepared =)
  • Cook the rice with the chicken soup.
  • Marinade the chicken with some oyster sauce (sos tiram).
  • Take some of the soup as well, mix with the red chilli and 2-3 garlics, and blend altogether for the sambal.
  • Put some kicap in a bowl and pour soup onto it.
p/s: While I served our ifthar, I didint realise that Abg was doing something ;)
He surprised me with this ;)

Special Nasi for me ^^,
Gigih sangat Abg, kan. Siap bentukkan L O V E utk nasi Nis. hihih..
Thank you Abg! :)