20 February 2012

Newly-born Blog

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone.

I just started blogging and I purposely choose today's date for a personal reason. eheh.
its 20th february and it is exactly one month before our 2nd wedding anniversary ;)

I wanna share about my cookings and maybe a bit about travellings and other personal things in this blog. 

My special thanks is definetely to my beloved handsome hubby - Abg Zukhairi Salehudin - for his support (or should i say "provocation" hmm?) in all the bakings thingies i've done. he is the one who always encourage me blogging as a medium of sharing. instead of fb. yup, i agree :)

My special thanks also goes to my darling Mak for giving the idea of 'aprons and gloves'. I've been thinking of the name for this blog for a week. then I told my mum that im searching for names that are lovely for my blog. she spontaneous replied to me 'aprons and gloves',and I love it! :)

I also apprciate those blog owners whose impliedly motivates me to join this blogging avctivity. you never know, its maybe "you"! =)

I do hope that this blog will benefit all of us fairly. insyaALLAH.

may HE rewards for good things that we've done and forgive us for any mistakes. ameen.


Zukhairi said...

congratz on this new lovely blog:) will always support you as long as you have the passion. be a winner!

Naz / Nadz COSK said...

Assallamualaikum aprons and gloves..
Amboiiiii...banyaknya apron dan glove kat dapur tu..hehehehe...
Alamak Anis..sorry lah. Baru angah perasan dengan menjadi 4llower anis yg pertama, telah mencantas peluang 2 org lain yg patut jadi 4llower anis dulu sblm angah..
Cepatlah update citer masak2..hehehe..exp bila dah guna bahan2 yg beli kat sini tu...^__^

nabilah said...

salam knis dear! wowie this blog is sooo lovely n yummylicious! baru dok berkira2 nk minta recipe dgn knis, now dah ada blog, it's easier for me! thank u so much, for creating this blog that'll definitely benefit others. may Allah bless u :)

:: anisjazz :: said...

Dearest abg: thank u mucho2 for everythg! LOVE!:)

Angah: hehhheee..tu lah, angah yg sudi jadi follower pertama.kuikuikui ;) thanks gak angah sbb encourage anis join d group! ;)

Nabilah: darling, tq jgk sudi mnjenguk. hehhee..nnt nblh try la buat apam pokedot tu. comel2 je kan :)