06 April 2012


Done with the 200pcs fluffy choc chip muffin + 100pcs apam polkadot for my friend's engagement.

Few pics; as usual :)

in the making..

the first 50..

half of them..

150 already...

Done! 200pcs.. :)

Soft lovely pink apam polkadot..

Individual packed
*****Will have great days ahead at Kundasang and Kota Kinabalu; known for their beautiful places. Cant wait to see them for real! insyaALLAH =)


nabilah said...

Happy Honeymooning in Kundasang Yeayyyyyyyy!!!!!! ^_^

Naz / Nadz COSK said...

Anis, makin kencang bisnes ni..hehehe

:: anisjazz :: said...

nabilah: you too happy happy happy! =) LOVE!

angah: angah lg advance :)
bdw, nnt nak try beli ready made fondant =)